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Austin Girl Pilates - Testimonials



“I never would have believed it, but after a regular routine of Pilates workouts, I can say without hesitation, it works!” – Jimmie Vaughan


 “Pilates with Sooz has made me feel like a warrior. I’ve built a core strength that I’ve never experienced before in my life!” – Eliza Gilkyson


“Pilates with Susan has transformed my body, not just once, but twice!  I discovered Susan soon after delivering my first child when I was desperarte to lose my pregnancy weight.  Within months, Susan had me fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, feeling stronger, leaner and more energized.  Fast forward three years later after I delivered my second child, and once again, Susan worked her magic, whipping me back into shape in no time.  Put simply, Pilates with Susan is game changing - it transforms your body in ways you didn't think were possible (but secretly always wished for!).  The best part is you don't realize you're "working out," because Susan makes the session fly by with easy conversation, killer music and a warm personality. –  Susan James


“I was Susan’s first private client and I can attest that Pilates has completely changed my body.  My legs are stronger, slimmer, which I love. But, the best part is the strength that has happened in my core. After 2 kids in 4 years, my body looks better than it ever has. Regular cardio and Pilates have completely changed my life." – Suzanna Allbright


“My Pilates sessions with Sooz have made an incredible difference in how I look and feel. It rejuvenates me completely.” – Gray Hawn


"I felt like I was 95, needing to rest my weight on a shopping cart to make it through Costco. Now I feel 45, with Susan's help and perseverance. Oh ... I'm 64! Susan called me the “Pilates Posterchild". Note: now I'm 66 and feel like 25.” – Kim Mosley


"I had a hip injury and went to a physical therapist for rehab exercises.  After 10 days, she handed me a list of exercises to do and released me.  I'm just not the kind of person who has the discipline to do those exercises regularly.  I found Susan on the website and figured it was worth a shot.  After 3 weeks of working with her, I feel like my old self again.  I now go regularly and have had no issues with my hip or back.  It works!"  Beverly Smith 


“Austin Girl Pilates. Not just for girls! Twice a week, teacher Susan Caldwell puts me on the reformer and makes me a believer.” (Excerpted from Austin Monthly Magazine) – Cory L. Moore


"I started practicing pilates with Sooz when I was 15. Now, at the ripe old age of 20, I can look back and see how greatly Sooz influenced my growth. When I started pilates I had terrible, slumped over posture. After only a few months of stretching and strengthening I was walking around with a straighter more erect stance, engaging my core with every step. I felt a confidence and strength that I never had before. Working out with Sooz is challenging, engaging and just plain fun. She is absolutely dedicated to her clients and getting them to their goals. And those goals can exceed beyond the physical. Whether it's healing from an injury, gaining the confidence to stand a little taller or simply feeling physical wellness, Sooz can get you there! “ - Nicole Constantine


I have had pain in my hips for years.  My hip flexors and lower back were so tight, I could barely walk.  A friend recommended me to Susan at the beginning of this year.  I never would have thought I'd be up and walking daily, again.  Susan was super patient and knowledgeable and, to my astonishment, slowly rehabbed my painful hips and lower back.  I give her all the credit, she reminds me to walk 5 times a week, which I continue to do.  So grateful to Susan for pulling me through the most painful time in my life!   -  Donna Watkins

Austin Girl Pilates Owner, Susan Caldwell, has been offering private Pilates sessions (solo and duet) to the men and women of Austin since January 2005  from her studio near Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas. Contact Susan at austingirlone@gmail.com to sign up for the "Buy 1st Package of 10 / Receive 1 Session Free" offer or to schedule your Initial Session.  Please provide schedule availabilities and we'll get back to you with suggested dates/times.  Studio Hours: 9:30 - 1:30 M-S.