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Austin Girl Pilates - Meet Susan

Meet Susan

An Austin native, Susan Caldwell's career began as a producer for Austin City Limits, the nationally acclaimed PBS music series, from 1981-2002. In 2002, she moved to Washington D.C., enrolled in Pilates coursework and apprenticed under the direction of Master Trainer for the Physical Mind Institute, Mike Wright.  

Susan was amazed to observe that whether clients were injured, or just out of shape, Pilates changed their lives. The transformation to their physical confidence was inspiring. Clients lost inches, brought precision and control to their movement, strengthened their posture and reported an overall improvement in lower back pain. Most importantly, Pilates proved to be a gateway for clients to exercise with strength, grace and balance. Pilates supports an athletic lifestyle and provides the stability required for an active life.

In 2004, Susan was certified in Mat and Apparatus for The Method Pilates by the Physical Mind Institute. She is grateful to her Master Trainer, Mike Wright, who shared perfect form and imparted the best methods to correct imbalance in postural alignment, gait and proper emphasis on the importance of breath in the daily practice.

Susan believes that the key elements of Pilates can be brought into daily activities to lengthen and correct postural imbalances, exercise with precise grace of movement and eliminate pain. She calls it this practice Conscious Movement.

In January 2005, Susan opened her Pilates studio, offering private Pilates sessions and naming it Austin Girl Pilates. Susan has been well received in Austin’s artistic, eclectic community and her practice is thriving.

Austin Girl Pilates Owner, Susan Caldwell, has been offering private Pilates sessions (solo and duet) to the men and women of Austin since January 2005  from her studio near Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas. Contact Susan at austingirlone@gmail.com to sign up for the "Buy 1st Package of 10 / Receive 1 Session Free" offer or to schedule your Initial Session.  Please provide schedule availabilities and we'll get back to you with suggested dates/times.  Studio Hours: 10:30 - 1:30 M-F.