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Austin Girl Pilates - Session Pricing


Session Pricing  Payable by Cash, Check or Credit Card (with processing fee) 


**************** SPECIAL OFFER ************* 

To welcome you to Pilates in Austin, Texas

Buy your first package of 10 Reformer sessions and receive your first session free!

(Offer expires 12/31/2022)




Austin Girl Pilates offers private Pilates sessions for the affordable price of $60 / per private session. A private Reformer Pilates session lasts 45 minutes. The first session is intended to train the individual in proper form, alignment and breath work in specially tailored exercises. A private session for a more advanced client allows you to improve your technique or focus on a specific issue.  

  • Private Session - $60/ per session  

Usually including Reformer and mat work, this is a workout tailored to the individual‘s goals, in a one-on-one experience with Susan. She will work with you to develop techniques that will enhance your daily movement.

  • Duet Session - $55 / per session / per person

Teaming up with a friend is a great way to keep your fitness motivation going! With a duet Pilates session, you still get a focused, in-depth Pilates session, especially if you choose a partner with similar fitness goals.

       * Pilates on Face Time or Zoom - $60/ per session

Brand new addition to AGP's menu of options!  If you currently own a reformer and are unable to come to your sessions here in our studio - you can connect with Susan remotely with your phone, tablet or computer.  The safest and most effective way to practice pilates is always with a certified, professional instructor.  If you have your own reformer and want to be sure each and every movement is performed with precision, control and within the range of your body in a safe manner - Remote Pilates is a very easy way to get your instruction.  


  • Online purchase of Initial Session via PayPal here (including transaction fees)
  • Package of Private Reformer Sessions (10) = $600.00
  • Package of Remote Reformer Sessions (10) = $550.00
  • Package of Duet Reformer Sessions (10) = $1100.00  ($55/ per person / per session)


Mat Class - $30 / session (available with groups of 4)

Many athletic clubs offer Pilates-inspired mat classes. Austin Girl Pilates offers you the authentic Pilates experience. Susan develops a specialized workout for each client using her knowledge and experience to assure that you are never in danger of injury during a workout. Mat classes are fun, energetic 45-minute group workouts that generally include a full intermediate mat routine along with various extras chosen by Susan.  If you have 4 participants, we'll find a regular time for your group class!

Austin Girl Pilates Owner, Susan Caldwell, has been offering private Pilates sessions (solo and duet) to the men and women of Austin since January 2005  from her studio near Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas. Contact Susan at austingirlone@gmail.com to sign up for the "Buy 1st Package of 10 / Receive 1 Session Free" offer or to schedule your Initial Session.  Please provide schedule availabilities and we'll get back to you with suggested dates/times.  Studio Hours: 9:30 - 1:30 M-S.