Pregnancy Pilates

Susan recommends that her clients begin their Pilates program before pregnancy. Pilates during pregnancy is a fantastic way to maintain core strength and flexibility. Private sessions on the reformer and standing pilates are highly recommended for pregnant women by most physicians.

As with any exercise during pregnancy, please discuss Reformer Pilates with your physician to receive permission for regular sessions. If there are any questions, Susan is available to discuss Reformer sessions with your doctor.

Our clients have enjoyed great success in recovering their physiques following pregnancy. A regular routine of precise, focused Pilates will carry you through all the days of your life!

Austin Girl Pilates Owner, Susan Caldwell, teaches private Pilates sessions (solo and duet) to both women and men from her studio near Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas. Contact Susan at  Please provide schedule availabilities and we'll get back to you with suggested dates/times.  Studio Hours: 9:30 - 2:15 M-S.