Session Pricing  Payment by Cash or Check payable to Susan Caldwell.


Studio Hours:  9:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Monday thru Saturday.    Closed Sundays


Austin Girl Pilates offers private Pilates sessions for the affordable price of $50 / per private session. A private Reformer Pilates session lasts 45 minutes. The first session is intended to train the individual in proper form, alignment and breathwork in specially tailored exercises. A private session for a more advanced client allows you to improve your technique or focus on a specific issue.  

  • Private Session - $50 / per session  

Usually including Reformer and mat work, this is a workout tailored to the individual‘s goals, in a one-on-one experience with Susan. She will work with you to develop techniques that will enhance your daily movement.

  • Duet Session - $45 / per session / per person

Teaming up with a friend is a great way to keep your fitness motivation going! With a duet Pilates session you still get a focused, in-depth Pilates session, especially if you choose a partner with similar fitness goals.

  • Package of Private Reformer Sessions (10) = $500.00
  • Package of Duet Reformer Sessions (10) = $900.00  ($450/ per person)


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To welcome you to Pilates in Austin, Texas

Buy your first package of 10 Reformer sessions and receive your first session free!

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Mat Class - $20 / session (available with groups of 4)

Many athletic clubs offer Pilates-inspired mat classes. Austin Girl Pilates offers you the authentic Pilates experience. Susan develops a specialized workout for each client using her knowledge and experience to assure that you are building strength and never in danger of injury during a workout. Mat classes are fun, energetic 45-minute group workouts that generally include a full intermediate mat routine along with various extras chosen by Susan.

Austin Girl Pilates Owner, Susan Caldwell, teaches private Pilates sessions – Reformer and Mat – and practices from her studio near Mt. Bonnell in Austin, Texas. Contact Susan at  Please provide schedule availabilities and we'll get back to you with suggested dates/times.  Studio Hours: 9:30 - 2:15 M-S.